What i do

Services I offer to my Customers

Invention is not the product of logical thought, even though the final product is tied to a logical structure.

Website Development

Websites are like our online houses. My portfolio on website development is numerous. I can be your architect and make a mobile-friendly landing page for your business or organization.

Graphic Design

Your logo, e-flyer and colour design should speak about what you do. I create logo designs, product designs, billboard designs, among others for startup businesses and organizations needing rebranding.

App Development

Fast development, expressive and flexible UI with native performance. What a wholesome performance your app will be when I create one for your business

Video Editing

Do you know Businesses that use video content generate 49% sales faster? I can help you with great video content that in turn would add up to your sales target and speak great story about what you do

About Me

MainKoladeKolade Adesanya

I am a Lagos based web & app developer, computer & sound engineer and graphics designer. I am driven by the constant desire to create and nurture ideas in life. With a background in Electronic and Computer Engineering, I apply scientific approaches to solving daily problems using design, technology, and software as my tools.